I moved to Osaka! 大阪に引っ越しした!

Goodbye Hokkaido! Hello Osaka!

January 31th, 2022,

I moved to Osaka this month!

Last month, I was living in Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Have you been there before? It’s so cold and snowy in the winter. Some nights are -25 degrees. If you take a walk outside, your eyelashes might freeze!

My husband and I moved into an apartment in Sakai City. Osaka Prefecture’s population is almost 9 million. Sakai has a population of over 800,000. It’s my first time living in a big city.

I love Sakai. It has a lot of delicious takoyaki and okonomiyaki shops. I’m excited for kushikatsu, too!

move (to a city)
move (into a house / apartment)
freeze – froze – frozen凍る